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Rachelli Elio snc was established in 1962 as support and completion of Rachelli Elio & C. s.n.c. production cycle, which was established in 1956. Thanks to a considerable know-how in mould manufacturing the firm Rachelli Elio has proposed itself as a partner to many important Italian and foreign companies belonging to automotive and technical sectors.

The strong boost, given by the management, to continuous improvement or production , allowed the firm to expand both in the logistic area and in the number of employees; as a matter of fact at the beginning the team was composed of 10 people and now it is composed or 40 people with more specialized technical knowledge. Certainly another source or continuous improvement is the progressive and constant renewal or machines and tools. Rachelli Elio snc applies the same criteria used for its presence on the market in choosing its suppliers:

  • Technical skills
  • Reliability
  • FIexibility
  • Costs

ELIO RACHELLI & C. s.n.c. - Italy 21045 Gazzada (VA), Via C. Battisti, 24
tel. +39 - 0332.462310 • fax +39 - 0332.462289 • e-mail: info@rachellielio.com - P.IVA: 01560540120
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